EC project on enhancing eHealth procurement launched

The European Connected Health Campus and empirica have teamed up in Pro-eHealth, a recently launched study on enhancing eHealth procurement.
The project aim is to collect information about good procurement practices in five electronic health records and five telemonitoring initiatives, then assemble these into guidance for European countries. Currently, the team collects information on potential case study sites. Basic requirement is that a procurement process for an eHealth solution is completed or very close to completion. Pro-eHealth selection guidelines include: EHR systems, including sub-systems like PACS or telemonitoring; coverage of different levels of decision making, including local, regional, and national; significant size of the initiative in terms of number of patients covered and health professionals involved; permission to work with people at the site to collect the information required; and the commitment of top management to participate. For more information and for sharing ideas about candidate sites, please contact proehealth(at)empirica(dot)com.